This is Your PTA

Every parent or guardian of a PS33 Chelsea Prep student, as well as every teacher at PS33 Chelsea Prep, is automatically a member of the PTA. At all General PTA meetings, every member has a right to vote.

Family involvement is critical to the success of our school. Every dollar we donate and every hour we volunteer ensures that our students can receive all of the excellent programs, resources, enrichment, and the best education that PS33 Chelsea Prep has to offer.

Meet your 2019-2020 Executive Board

  • Shannon Mulvihill, President

  • Tracy Evans, President

  • Elyse Buxbaum, Vice President

  • Tanya Morris, Vice President

  • Michelle Wong, Treasurer

  • Albert Chun, Assistant Treasurer

  • Lisa Frank, Internal Fundraising Chair

  • Amrah Dagra, External Fundraising Chair

  • Monia Mahmood, Correspondence Secretary

  • Alix Sarubbi, Correspondence Secretary

  • Andrea Francis, Membership Secretary

  • Lauren Gonzalez, Recording Secretary

  • Annick Cesbron, Member-At-Large

  • Laura Hemphill, Member-At-Large

  • Robin Kelleher, Member-At-Large

  • Bushra Mannan, Member-At-Large

  • Lee Tergesen, Member-At-Large

  • Sharnette Rhoades, Member-At-Large

  • Kaushik Das, SLT

  • Felicia Pezold, SLT


The PS33 Chelsea Prep PTA is an integral part of the PS33 Chelsea Prep School. It engages in activities that enrich the education of our students and promote good home, school, and community relations among our students, families, teaching staff, and school administrators.

  1. How do I join the PTA?
    You already did! All parents/guardians and teachers of PS33 Chelsea Prep students are automatically members of the PTA.

  2. How can I join the PTA Executive Board or SLT?

    These positions are open to all PTA members and are elected at General PTA meetings where each PTA member can cast a vote. The executive board members are elected for each academic year during the previous May General PTA meeting. SLTs members are elected on a 2 year rotating basis, also during General PTA meetings.

  3. Do I have to pay dues?
    There is no PTA dues. Since all the funding for extra enrichments and community building is raised through the PTA, we ask all parents to kindly contribute to the Annual Fund, if possible, with a suggested donation of $1500 per child. Our goal is to get 100% of our parents as donors, regardless of the amount as any donation is makes a difference!

  4. Can I attend PTA meetings?
    Absolutely, come and join us in the Auditorium on these PTA General Meeting dates.

  5. What happened at the last PTA General Meeting?

    Missed a meeting, catch up on the news by reading the meeting minutes!

  6. How does the PTA make decisions?
    Executive Board members meet on a monthly basis to discuss issues and make organizational decisions. All PTA members present at the General PTA meetings vote for all budgetary matters, which require a vote. A quorum is required at both these meetings in order to vote on official business.

  7. What is the SLT?
    The School Leadership Team (SLT) meets at least once a month to discuss the needs of the school. The SLT is comprised in equal proportion by administration, teachers and parent entities. The PTA president is automatically an SLT member.