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General PTA Meeting


NOVEMBER  2, 2018



  • Playground open last month- It’s great- kids are enjoying.

  • We have two students form our school who have been invited to compete in the World Chess Championship

  • Halloween- students trick or treated. In school we are promoting healthy eating habits- so please support us at home. Do not bring candy to school.  Candy will be taken away.

  • Budget: October 31 is the date where school budgets are re-aligning with registration- Cindy is working with DOE office to keep all the programs as they are. No money for extra aide

  • Thank you parents for TA FUND is is very beneficial.

  • Last week hosted Reading Institute with teachers all over the nation- 3-5 classrooms. TC thanked our teachers, they were very impressed with our school and teachers.

  • Book Fair the last week of November.

  • Multicultural Night Nov. 29.

  • Annual School Bee for 3-5. The top speller will move to district wide.

SPECIAL GUEST- Russ Makofsky and Angel Lopez

  • Chess team is funded by PTA.

  • Coach Russ been with us for 10 years

  • Weekly for the last 6 years- knows every kids in the school that plays chess

  • Coach Angel very involved with introduction every child in the classroom the game of chess. He is all about the school and PS33 chess team.

  • Last year PS33 had the largest team in the nation. We have won a lot. Our girls continue to represent and win.  They made a movie about them “Her Move Next”. This movie shows the strength of the community here at PS33.

  • The chess program is not about competition but about the skills that the chess program can provide to our kids. The only criteria is not to distract.


  • Chess is only one of the 55 enrichments that out kids get in the school.

  • Our playground came about thanks to Cory Johnson. We took that lead. We are looking for funds from other councilmen to make our  school better, like our auditorium and cafeteria. We have a lot of needs that could we met. We need this community to become delegates. Jen and Robin are both delegates. They will talk next week about next steps to get these project done. The more people that get involved the more chances we get.

  • Participatory Budget-There is $1,000, 000 out there. We need to go out as a community to go and get it. We are going to put more info out there to get more fundraising done outside of the school.

  • If we don’t ask for it we don’t get it. We can help you get informed about how to get this money.

  • Our annual fund- Look ar participation slide- We have raise 50K so far. Our needs are not covered by this money. This money won’t cover what we have budgeted for spring.

  • Jen went though Enrichments grade by grade.

  • There is a deficit- we want to get another $50K- Spring enrichments are at risk. We need to raise the money.

  • 5th grade has the most enrichments- we spend the most money on them - only 3 families have donated.

  • We are at risk of losing these enrichments.

  • Lisa and Eric F have offered to match any donation made in the next two weeks up to $6000.


  • Thank you for all your generosity.

  • TA are very important.

  • 8 full time TA present!

  • Your contribution are the only thing that support the TA- we have a little gap left to fill. Please make sure to give so we can keep our TA in the classrooms.


  • We have currently 405K in the bank- It sound like a lot but we have to send in a lot of checks.

  • We have received 57K for TA

  • We still haven't paid for Music, we have to pay Recess coaches monthly, etc..  

  • Michelle went over report.


Fundraiser in NOV, FEB.


REMINDER - Movie Night Tonight - Coco!-5:15 activity with Señorita Heras, Coco starts 6pm


Later Event: December 7
Chess Tournament- Her Move Next