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General PTA Meeting

  • PS 33 Chelsea Prep 281 9th Avenue New York, NY, 10001 United States (map)

PTA General Meeting Agenda 

1.     Call to order

2.     Principal’s report

3.     Special guest: Grace How, Assistant Principal

4.     Fundraising update 

5.     PTA new website

6.     PTA expedited elections

·      School Leadership Team (2 open positions)

·      Membership Secretary (1)

·      Member-at-Large (2)

7.     Treasurers’ report

8.     Approval of minutes


September 7, 2018

Call to order

Presidents’ welcome and introductions.

Housekeeping Items: PTA meeting schedule: First Friday of every month then Learn with your Child.



This year’s mission is to strengthen the community through communication and collaboration. Become partners to make or school better and the best.

Ensure equity and access for every child so every student can have everything he or she needs.

New resources to support learning:

  • Grant for technology $100,000 – for new smart boards- All classrooms will have new smartboards. Timeline Spring!

  • Playground- Projected to open Early October 2018. Safety agents are assigned for recess. They will continue to support as long as it takes.

  • We have a new assistant principal assigned. The DOE is gifting PS33 a second assistant principal. She will be full time and in charge of student support and discipline. She comes from middle school background. She will oversee lunch and recess. Gloria will be in Chelsea field and Grace in the cafeteria. Mrs. Remsen and Cindy can be in the classrooms.

  • Starting next week we will be getting a Universal Literacy Coach to support K-2. Every second grader will walk out proficient. She will work with teachers. This is in addition to teachers college.

Programs and grants:

  • After School Reading Club grant for students in temporary housing.

  • Salvadori: We got another grant for 3rd and 4th grade architecture enrichment.

Community Engagement:

  • We will be sending a Chelsea Prep Monthly Newsletter

Curriculum News:

  • Don’t forget to come to the Parent Workshop for Math with our Math Consultant on Sept 25. We want to focus on quality math instruction for our students.

  • New math curriculum – Investigations 3. Math Instruction will be TERC based.

  • Message to staff this year: Every student comes in to our school with their own story and it is important to hear and recognize their story.


Fundraising Goals:

We have a lot of enrichments. Some are supported by DOE, some are Grants, but many are PTA funded.

Budget $450,000 that goes to programs such as Music twice a week, chess and TAs.

Getting Involved:

  • Class Parents are very important. Consider becoming a Class Parent.

Executive Board Introductions and Committees:  

  • Gala: Lisa F

  • Grant Writing:Michelle W. and Rachel D.

  • General Fundraising: Executive Board

  • Spring Community: Joe D and Matt

  • Falloween and Bake Sale: Aly C.

  • Merch: Annik C.

  • Movie Night: Lisa P. and Jason M.

  • Social Media: Ale L.

  • Audio Visual Squad: Jason M.

  • Picture Day: Tammy C.

  • Green: Jason M

  • Carnival:Joe D.

  • Graduation: Lisa P.

  • Multicultural:Shannon M.

  • Talent Show: Robin K. and Ale L.

  • Teaching Assistant: Annick C. and Madeline



  • Time is Money. So Volunteering helps because it saves us money. This is the time when your kids want to see you here, so take advantage of this. Your time is valuable.

  • TA Fund. There are a lot of children in the class. Please consider giving to TA fund.

  • We need people to help in the Gala Committee- our biggest fundraiser of the year.

  • Fal-low-een- Friend Raiser- First time kids all come out- It sells out. Please consider helping out.


  • We have $324,000 which means we have a deficit of $100,000. We need to close that gap.

  • Two Funds: Annual Fund- Provides all the enrichment Programs and Partnerships. Each grade will have two enrichments per grade. TA Fund: Currently 3 working (2 in K, 1 in first) Goal is to get 2 TA per grade. K needs to raise $49,000. We need donations in by October 7th,

Open positions: Membership Secretary, SLT and Two Member-At-Large

Approval of Minutes- Approved

Closing Statement

Later Event: October 5
Learn With Your Child